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Biosib and I are taking spring summer classes and as it happens, we're inspired again.
yeah the new movie is getting us geeked.
So is there anyone willing to lend us some help?
So far we're loking at  the Miles to go/Before sleep aka the Restless verse and the Sparks  sequel.
So if anyone interested. drop me a line.

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Title Unpredictable.
Authors Yuuzaiden+Muzaiden
'Verse- Our moments verse (developed for mission insane.)
Claim/Characters/Pairing ProwlxJazz
Rating M
Warnings a bit more kinky with more bondage fun.
Disclaimer We don't own this. Hasbro and Takara do.
Summary Jazz learns a lesson.
Table/Prompt Kink / Whip.

This is a direct sequel to Unimaginative. There was so much fun feedback, We had to do a second one.
Thanks to sakon76 , mmouse15, kyra_neko_rei, vejiraziel, n_f_w and lemonflav_lopfe for your excellent comments and suggestions.
Without further ado enjoy!

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I'm sorry this is so late.
I hope you feel better.

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This is what happens when I really wantto write and  read depressing stuff.
A Sparks based drabble.

........ )
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A few rando drabbles I have to just put somewhere to get them out of my hair...
(no not the request ones....I haven't started typing them yet...finals are being a pain)

Drabbles )
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Sparks ...
Ideas.... )
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I always seem to get the most awesome reviews when i least exepct them...This  one under the cut, rife with exposition and plot bunnies is from Murder Junkie for chapter 12 of Sparks...
I usually say i write for people to read, but I really enjoy getting comments too.
I'll probably post my ideas and thoughts reguarding chapter 12-13 later, just to get some feedback..
(I love reader input so feel free to poke with ideas and such..)
I'm off to class so later all!!

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This is for the building fic comment on BeexSam.
I kinda wimped out on teh ending, but I put up chapter 12....

Underhill )

part 3

Apr. 7th, 2008 04:04 pm
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Part 3 )
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For[personal profile] kyra_neko_rei
I hope you like it.
I finished on low sleep and lots of chicken soup... I'm off to bed...again.


Mar. 15th, 2008 09:20 am
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For [profile] xaefryl
I hope it's ok....it's my first real foray into the pairing.
if there are any glaring errors jsut lemme know.
(I'm just that tired so I'm off to be ciya)

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It's  funny how such a small thing can turn a person off.
I've been agonzizing over my self worth for the past 2 day all because i made a comment in a forum.
I claimed a Sari of TFA was all intents and purposes was a mary sue.
I immediatly got a reply

(Okay? Calling a character a Mary Sue? Dangerously close to the character bashing rule)

I didn't think it was so I replied in kind and got hit with this.

(No, I'm afraid it doesn't. A Mary Sue, in addition to having a special role in a story, is also not called out upon their flaws and is universally loved and appreciated by the fellow characters, saved for "token" opposition.

Sari is portrayed as actually having flaws, in addition to having special abilities. And those flaws lead to problems and mistakes and consequences. Plus while she's selfish (she's ten), and she is cognizant of her shortcomings.

Furthermore, this is me addressing the issue as a moderator. I wrote the rule. This comes close to how I defined the character bashing rule. However, if the other two mods disagree with me on this, I will gladly step aside, but this is your warning.)

Chastized, I backed off. My paranioa and insecurity punching me in the gut so I apologized for my opinion. and said I this
      I understand.
I may not agree with your definition, but that's just my opinion.
I have nothing against Sari and I've no effort to decry or belittle her as a character.

Truthfully I wish the Autobots would interact with humans more often.
But that is neither here nor there.

When I made the original I did not and still don't see it as bashing.
When I replied to your comment I did not know you were a moderator. I inncorrectly assumed you were debating my opinion.
I see this is a sore point so I'll retract my comment.
I would have preferred if you messaged me on the side rather than reprimanding me on the debate.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
It will not happen again.

Afterwards this was their reply.

Well, there's that, but you also have to enforce the rules in practice and in an invisible manner so the community knows what's going on. Deleting it clandestinely doesn't always help in some situations.

I never said I would delete my comments or that I retracted my opinion. I was really hurt by the manner this was done and I left the community and stopped watching it. I was sore, embaressed and depressed, all by a few words. I had no way to share this and no one to even try to see my point. In the end I did delete my comments. I don't need such drama. 
Unfortunatly I'm really ani-comms now and I'm considering leaveing the fandom.....all for a few words.


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