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There was a think on regrets on AOL and I got to thinking.

I regret that I haven't gone to see you.
You're no longer that fierce woman who terrified me and looking at you this way makes me die inside everytime I see you. I don't want to see you hurting, no matter what you never deserved this.

I regret thinking you'd be worht it. You offered and I thought I loved you, but I guess I was just young and dumb. Nothing happened, but she's never stopped calling me a whore for considering you. I may never have someone fall in love with me, but I know I'm worth more than just a night.

I regret hurting you. You cared for me, opened me up. I couldn't belong to you the way you wanted. I couldn't be tied down and you just didn't get that I should have considered your feelings and tried to make you understand who I was.

I regret not being able to open up to you. I reret scaring you the way I do. As similar as we are, my mind is so diffrent. I guard myself around you and I shouldn't have to. You're not out to hurt me.

I regret letting you drift away. we could have had something good, I know you're possesive, but you atleast knew how to share. I hate who you're with and how you changed beacause of it. They're not good changes, but I can be ok with it if you're happy.

I regret lying to you. I know you love me, but I'm scared you'll never accept who I am or what I do. I'm never going to be what you think I should be, but I'll never stop loving you.

I regret not being able to forgive you. You hurt me worse than anyone has ever hurt me and sometimes I pretend you don't exist. It hurts seeing you with her, but I think I know why. What you did was wrong and you never apologized to me or Charmaine. I think sometimes you pretend I don't exist either. You say you love us, but really you could talk to us once in a while, we're not going to kick you out of our lives the way you did to us. Promise.


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